Deluxe Rail Journeys in Russia

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Russia is a vast country with an equally vast network of rail travel. The trans-Siberian line runs from Moscow to Vladivostok (and v.v) and takes just under 2 weeks without side trips.

Czar's Gold Train

The Golden Eagle Trans-Siberia Express provides a stylish way to do this amazing trip with Gold, Silver and Heritage class options, the first two with private ensuite facilities. The cuisine makes the most of the areas it passes through, there is on-board entertainment including music, lectures and language classes, and there’s an on-board doctor on every trip as well.


Other options include deluxe rail trips and add-ons into Mongolia, the Arctic Circle (to Arkhangel and Murmansk) and the Silk Road (from Moscow down through Kazakstan, Uzbekistan and on to Beijing). Other trips head west and south from Moscow, through Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to Vilnius.


The Czar’s Gold has four classes of cabin from their Standard Plus up to Bolshoi Platinum and runs from Moscow, east to Irkutsk and Ulan Ude, before heading south into Mongolia and on to Beijing. This 16 day trip includes time in Moscow, Beijing, and stops in Mongolia, Irkutsk, Ekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. There is a change of train to travel through China.


All these tours are put together by Beyond Travel and are available by contacting us here.

We will get back with departures and availability.

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