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World-wide travel company, Exodus, is now selling its quality range of out-there travel experiences in New Zealand. In an arrangement with Adventure World, the Exodus range is available through good New Zealand travel agents – and the range is exciting.Cycling tour through Southern Iceland

I was particularly excited to see trips like a cycle tour through southern Iceland, and another from Manali in India to Leh in Ladakh. There’s a photography and wildlife tour on the Picos de Europa in Spain and one through Cappadocia and the Taurus Mountains in central Turkey. There’s a discovery tour through Sierra Leone and another through Ethiopia, and a 13-day trip through central Mongolia. So much to choose from – more than 500 itineraries in 171 countries.

Exodus are the experts. They have now been doing these adventure tours for 35 years and were one of the original global adventure travel companies. In addition to their big Discovery book they also have separate book brochures for cycling, trekking, winter activities, polar travel and family trips. And they use local leaders in over 85% of their trips.Whales & Leopards in Sri Lanka

But one of the biggest selling points they have these days is the fact they publish unedited trip reviews on their website. If you’re thinking of going somewhere you can scan through the website and find the good and the bad aspects of the trip – which will help no end in making sure you get the trip best tailored to your needs. A cycling trip that takes you 2000 metres higher than where you started may sound very exciting, but is it set up so you can acclimatise on the way? Or are you going to suffer altitude sickness because the trip is moving too fast? You’ll be able to get these and plenty of other gnarly questions answered through the review posts.

It’s all small group travel with an average trip size of 16 people, and an average age of 42. There’s no age limit but you need to be fit and active and, most of all, have an open mind to all the adventures you will be experiencing along the way. The pricing is very good, giving great value, but its not luxurious, although they do have 4-5 star premium trips to some destinations.Exodus Family Tour

The trips are graded – Leisure, Moderate, Challenging and Tough, and to give you an idea of their levels the Moderate tours require good fitness, so Challenging and Tough tours are just that – challenging and tough. Many of their trips are Solo trips, meaning they are for single travellers only, and ensuring that singles don’t end up on an uncomfortable tour full of couples.

All payments are included in the rate so there is no need to make local payments in the countries you are travelling in. There are also no added tour surcharges.

Exodus is serious about sustainable travel and they endeavour to ensure that their itineraries only leave a positive impact on the places they travel to. They also actively support aid projects in places like Kenya, Morocco, Tanzania, Nepal and Peru, helping with local schooling, conservation, healthcare, education and employment.

We have booking information on all Exodus tours so email us for details.


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