Noosa Farmers’ Market

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 Noosa Farmers Market

We smelt it before we saw it as the wafting aromas of woodsmoke, fresh coffee, tropical fruits and hot pastries led us along the Noosa river frontage to a small corner of the local footie field where tents and trailers were circled beneath the gum trees like a scene from the American west. But unlike the beef and beans of early days these foodies were selling piles of freshly harvested veges, luscious tropical fruits, wholesome organic foods, tasty baked goods and luxurious treats.Noosa is the northernmost town on the Sunshine Coast, just two hour’s drive north of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. It’s grown from lazy surfing roots to now be a busy resort town, but for the many people who live there the weekly Farmers’ Market is a great place to catch up with friends, fill the cupboards or gather some treats for a dinner party. Noosa Farmers Market

Dotted amongst the vegetable and fruit stalls we found some tasty bargains. The French patisserie makes gorgeous pastries. Their spinach and feta pastry, dripping with butter, was a decadent start to breakfast. We knocked back chunks of melon and slabs of freshly-cut pineapple. We waited while the garlic roti bread was cooked, and washed it down with freshly squeezed sugar cane juice, which gives a great energy hit and I’m told is the perfect cure for a hangover. 

We sampled wood-fired toasted muesli which tasted like a crisp autumn morning, and some of us tried slices of meaty bratwurst. The kids ran round with frozen strawberry cups and tropical fruit juices, thick with sweet fruit. 

Noosa Farmers Market

Our eyes feasted on a big area of flowering orchids, dotted with pots of kitchen herbs. There were soft herbal skin lotions, handmade soaps, crunchy granola toppings and piquant bottled sauces. Fresh pizzas, huge bowls of marinated olives and jars of decadent chocolate treats tempted us at every turn. And, as usual, the smell of freshly-made coffee stopped me in my tracks, the perfect end to a long breakfast. 

It pays to get to the Noosa Farmers Market early in the morning. By the time we rolled up at 11 a number of stalls had sold out – who would have thought avocados could be so popular? Or tropical fruit jams? The market is easy to find, along the Noosa River, to the north of Hastings Street in Noosa Heads, and is a great spot to get a feel for the bountiful local lifestyle that Sunshine Coasters enjoy. It’s one of the best little markets in south-east Queensland and a great spot to get a real taste of Australia.


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