Cycling Holidays Around the World

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Cyclig Holidays

It’s said that cycling is the new golf. Deals are sealed on the mountain bike trails of the country and many lattes are sipped at cafes along new cycleways. And it’s now also a very popular way to explore overseas.

Cycling tours have become mainstream in places like Europe and Vietnam, but have you thought about places like Tanzania, Jordan, Mongolia or Costa Rica? There’s lots of options including cruise and cycle trips, bike and barge, self-guided tours, wildlife pedalling safaris, city tours and mountain bike expeditions. They’re all very different – there’s a style to suit every rider, from the leisure cyclist to the hard-core adventure rider, and they all share the convenience of everything being organised for you. Your accommodation is pre-arranged, usually in smaller boutique hotels run by locals, your luggage is transferred daily and you can enjoy the countryside without getting caught up in the tourist traps.

Explore the wine regions of France, the medieval villages of Spain and the coastal towns of Croatia. Take a gourmet tour through the foodie spots of the Piedmont, follow the northern Italian lake trail or cycle the highlights between Ho Chi Minh city and Hanoi.

Here are 5 of our favourites:

  • bike the Camino de Santiago pilgrim way in northern Spain on a 15 day trip, or break it in to 2 trips of 8 and 9 days each
  • a 15 day safari through Tanzania combining 4WD game tours, local sightseeing and 8 days riding including the Ngorongora Crater, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar
  • a 9 day circuit of southern Iceland with its glaciers, geysers and waterfalls
  • 8 day cruise along the coast of Turkey, sleeping on board and going ashore each day to explore by bike
  • a 10 day ride through Jordan from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea

These trips are all booking now for next year.



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