Cooking, Food & Culinary Tours


Good food, and how to make it, is a fascinating subject, and there’s no better way to enjoy it than to go right to the source and visit the places it comes from.Market in Toulon, France

We have brought together a selection of our favourite cooking tours and foodie trips, which will take you right to where the veges are grown, the wine is made, the meats are bought and the sauces are lovingly prepared. Join a culinary tour to Vietnam, France, China or Italy. Shop at the local markets, join cooking classes, culinary cruises, visit wineries, cheesemakers and cook in local homes.

We can put a package together for you with airfares, pre- or post-course accommodation or tours and travel insurance. Several tours can be combined – for example, an 8 day course in Chiang Mai, with a relaxing break somewhere like Hanoi for several days, then a 3 day course in Hoi An.Market in Osaka

Some tours are dedicated foodie tours where the main focus is food – local ingredients, local markets, master classes, local chefs, local dishes – it’s all about the food of the region. Others are a mixture of sightseeing and food, where maybe every second day will be a food day, with cooking classes, market trips, winery visits, meals in local homes, visiting local farms interspersed with days checking out the sights of the region. These are often a good option if travelling with someone who isn’t obsessed about food but is happy to give it a go.

Some options offer a day or weekend class that you can join while visiting an area –  ideal if you’re travelling with family or friends and you can get away for a bit of ‘me time’. And several cruise companies are now providing culinary classes on board ship, where you work with top chefs in master classes and cooking schools on longer oceanic crossings. As with all our travel, there are lots of options, especially into Europe, Australia and Asia.

Or call or email us for some inspiration and we’ll get details out to you straight away.