Do you have a destination in mind?Notre Dame, Paris

If you have an idea about where you want to go we can help you to find the perfect way to experience that place, whether it is a pre-booked tour or cruise, an independent tour with some of your plans and accommodations already in place, or a relaxing getaway somewhere luxurious and remote where the hardest decision to make will be what to wear each day.

Our range of quality suppliers ensures we can offer you some great ideas at very competitive prices. And we might be able to add something different to make your trip just that extra bit special.

Have you thought of

Aurukun waterways, Cape York, northern Australia

  • a cycling tour through Croatia
  • a culinary tour in Russia
  • taking a pilgrimage to the Holy Lands
  • a week shopping in Shanghai
  • a luxury safari to the Okavango Delta
  • joining a trek through the highlands of Bolivia
  • a train trip across Australia
  • a cruise to Antarctica
  • doing a coach tour through Ireland
  • a trip through the Baltic Sea
  • taking a drive across the US

Call or email with your ideas and we will work with you to make those ideas a reality.