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Dive into some serious volunteer dive trips in some of the clearest and most spectacular waters in the world. We have access to trips on all corners of the globe – tropical, temperate or freezing – take your pick. Once you’ve made your choice we can add some airfares and any other transfers and accommodation if need be.



Reef Restoration Project in BaliBali reef restoration work

Les village, on the north-east coast of Bali, is a poor village, untouched by the mass-tourism further south on the island. The villagers have relied on the sea for their living for a long time. But the overuse of cyanide fishing methods has destroyed the local ecosystem, leaving almost no fish for the villagers to catch, or to sell, and a destroyed coral reef system lying in tatters on the sea floor.

You can join a 7 day/6 night volunteer dive trip to help rebuild the Les village reef. This is done by ‘planting’ small concrete plugs of live coral. Volunteers will also learn how the villagers now fish sustainably and learn monitoring methods to ensure the fish life continues to improve.

The trips will be running from January 2013 and will start with a minimum of 2 people. Prices start at $US 1050 per person (the trips will run for 1 person but a single supplement applies) and the trip leaves from your nominated pick-up point near Denpasar (eg, the airport or a hotel).

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There is also a longer post on this volunteer dive trip

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