Online Content


You will have heard the rather overused cliche that ‘Content is King’. Overused maybe, but still very true.

What we put on our website, in our newsletters and on our blog tells the world who we are, what we think and do, and what we have to offer. In the modern world this content becomes our front door; it’s what will invite our customers inside to have a look around.

If potential customers learn from your website that you specialise in vintage fabrics or finely honed machine parts they will want to know more. They can join your monthly newsletter to learn about the new fabrics or parts you have sourced this month and from where; about the buying trip you took to a textile fair in Geneva or the engineering conference you attended in Sydney. They will know that you had to search long and hard to find these pieces, and that they are the best for the job at hand.

How will they know all this? Because you have told them through your online content.

Through your monthly newsletters, your regularly updated website and your weekly blog posts you will keep your customers informed about every aspect of your business and the goods and services you offer. These mediums of communication are now standard in any go-ahead business, whether it is a fishing lodge, a vehicle workshop, a cafe or a hair salon. And they need to be a part of your marketing plan as well.

Check out the Morrison Street Cafe site to see how they keep their customers informed with recipes, newsletters and exhibiting artists. Their current menu is online, their new cookbook is detailed and any staff vacancies can be advertised. All this is complemented with an active social media campaign through Google + and Facebook.

Or the New Zealand Fishing Lodges site, which outlines the fishing and lodge stay services offered to travellers who still want the convenience of booking online, but want a more personalised service than booking through an anonymous booking engine. Lodges and the fishing are detailed, insurance and other necessities are covered and the site is regularly updated to include new information and pricing. All this is enhanced with a monthly newsletter, a regular travel blog and active social media.

With more and more people searching online for the goods and services they require, and the more traditional modes of advertising slowly disappearing over the horizon, it’s time to be connected. And not just with a free five page website sitting on an overseas server somewhere gathering dust, but one that is hosted locally and regularly updated with fresh content, customer feedback, good photography and product reviews.

Contact me for a quote to get your website content updated, or written afresh. We can look at preparing weekly blog posts, a monthly newsletter or some advertising copy. Email for more information.