Travel Planning

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 In addition to our growing range of luxury and eco travel options we provide a full travel service, offering flights, accommodation, transfers, tours, rental vehicles and activities.

We can create a full itinerary for your trip, whether you are travelling to or from New Zealand.

Where to Start

– either call us or send an email with your requests and ideas

– I can walk you through the process without any need to pop into an office or deal with a call centre

– we work by phone and email to get your trip sorted

– from there, it’s just a matter of keeping in touch as it all comes together

– our prices are competitive and our service is personal

Airfares and Accommodation

We book with all the world’s major airlines, cruise lines and accommodation providers. Our wholesalers provide a quality hotel and resort service and we also have close relationships with other favoured resort, lodge and boutique accommodations around the world.

Have you thought about travel insurance? It’s a must these days. We can offer the appropriate package for your needs – it’s usually quite straightforward and we cover inbound and outbound travel. Are you skiing or diving maybe? Ordinary travel insurance doesn’t always cover these so get in touch and we’ll help out.

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