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Do you need well-written, easily-read website content? Do you want to communicate to current and potential clients in everyday language that will allow them to learn all about your business?

Website copySue Farley

I write well researched, keyword-rich matter-of-fact copy for websites, newsletters and blogs. With 17 years experience as a freelance writer, and several national awards for travel writing, I produce high quality copy within deadline, every time. Your website is like a window to your business, opening up to potential customers who may know nothing about what you do. The words on each page of your website need to tell your story so your customers will know exactly what you can offer them.

Over the years I have written travel and cuisine, dive and marine, architecture, art and culture, environmental and personal profile articles, websites and blog posts. I have been published in over 100 magazines and newspapers around the world, in several yearbooks and anthologies, guidebooks and now a cookbook. My writing portfolio outlines these in more detail, or visit my dedicated Online Writer site.

I am not an expert in any of those fields but I become one to write each article or page, learning everything I need to know to produce informative copy. And I will get to know your business just as well so your website reflects exactly what your company offers and the people that make it tick.

Newsletters and Blog Posts

A key part of staying in touch with your client base is the production of regular newsletters and a well-run blog. Having learnt all about what you do and how it impacts on your customers, I can provide copy for your newsletters and blog posts as well. Whereas your website is best kept factual and informative your blog can be a lot broader, more chatty and even somewhat opinionated. Here you can discuss new ideas, share research, profile your staff or announce new products. With diligent use of keywords and SEO these can both add significantly to your online profile.

Let me know what you need written. All I need is an outline of what you require, the tools to research what you do and how you want to use the copy and I’ll bring it together for you, within budget and on time.

Send me an email with your queries or call to discuss your requirements.

Take a look at some of my previous work – and there’s plenty more if you want to see something specific.


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