Wedding & Honeymoon Travel

Gold Coast wedding, Australia

Whether you’re thinking of getting married in New Zealand, the Pacific Islands or further afield there are 101 things to consider in your planning. There’s the venue for the ceremony, will it be in New Zealand or overseas, where will everyone stay, how will they get there and will they get all the right documentation to travel if you decide to go overseas?  Who will officiate at the ceremony, who will organise the accommodation and how will everyone get there? We can help you with all these things.

Rarotonga beach wedding

We’ll help you find the right venue for your wedding, whether it’s a white sandy beach, a vineyard or a beautiful garden at a luxury lodge. We’ll arrange the best wedding package for you and all the travel required to get everyone there.

Many resorts and hotels offer wedding packages where all the details are taken care of from the flowers to the celebrant to the photos. This is very useful if you’re planning a wedding away from home when a wedding planner may not be available to help. We will help you to coordinate all these details so your special day is perfect.

Do you plan to take a group of friends and family with you? Do you want to get married by the sea on a warm Pacific Island, with the sigh of waving coconut palms in the background? Or do you want a chapel wedding at a boutique vineyard lodge here in New Zealand with a big family gathering afterwards?

Plantation Island Resort wedding, Fiji

Or maybe a quiet wedding with just a few select people in the rainforest of northern Queensland? There are so many options to choose from.

Email us with your ideas, questions and dreams.