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Aro Ha Wellness Retreat, Lake Wakatipu
Aro Ha Wellness Retreat, Lake Wakatipu

What’s the big new buzzword on the travel scene? Health and wellness travel.

It’s actually been around as long as travel itself, with the early Romans and Egyptians happily wandering off to hot spas and baths to lift their spirits and soothe their bodies. It helped to rid the body of the excesses of a privileged, often hedonistic, lifestyle and pampered the ladies of the time.

Not much has changed in health and wellness travel today – contemporary spas and health retreats offer a chance to relax, rejuvenate and restore the body and soul back to a state of quiet strength and beauty. At the same time you can enjoy some of the most beautiful settings in the world, eat healthy food, take part in carefully designed exercise, yoga and meditation practices, indulge in massages and beauty treatments and learn ways to take these soul-enhancing techniques back home with you.

There are spas and retreats in many countries and islands around the world. Often they are in luscious tropical settings, on sun-drenched coastlines or in quiet forest settings. Asia, Australia and New Zealand are obvious choices close to home, and places like India, Japan and North America offer options a bit further away.

Ask us about your preferred options, or for ideas to get you started.

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